Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Community Based Conservation Training Centre (CBCTC) Likuyu Sekamaganga
Community Based Conservation Training Centre (CBCTC) Likuyu Sekamaganga

Student Welfare

Student organization

Community Based Conservation Training Centre Students Organization (CBCTCSO) constitutes a structure through which students become involved in the affairs of the Centre. CBCTCSO will work in partnership with Centre’s management and staff to ensure the welfare of student’s community. CBCTCSO provides platform for students to express their interest, concerns and sharing their ideas to student’s community and Centre’s management. It coordinate Centre’s activities within students including social events and other student’s beneficial activities.

Cafeteria Services

The Centre has a dining hall and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner to all students since its costs are inclusive in fees.


The Centre has comfortable dormitories to accommodate all students. Due to the nature of the location, accommodation of all students are available at the Centre only and no off campus accommodation. The accommodation fee is inclusive in fees.

Sport Life

The Centre has sports facilities for indoor and outdoor games including soccer pitch, volleyball, netball, drafts and cards. Every student should participate in physical fitness exercises (jogging, running e.t.c) and playing sports and games.

Medical Services

The Centre provide first aid for all students once there is a need, medical services are available at Village dispensary, District hospital and Regional hospital and private hospitals at the expenses of students or by using National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) cards for those who use that kind of services.