Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Community Based Conservation Training Centre (CBCTC) Likuyu Sekamaganga
Community Based Conservation Training Centre (CBCTC) Likuyu Sekamaganga
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Principal’s welcoming message

Welcome and thank you for visiting OUR website. I am Jane Nyau, the Principal for Community Based Conservation Training Centre (CBCTC) - Likuyu Sekamaganga.

 The Centre’s primary role is to offer Community Based Natural Resource Management Training (CBNRM) to local people in order to enable them to participate fully in conservation and sustainable utilization of wildlife resources so as to improve their livelihood.  It is the only Training Centre in the Country which provides wildlife and Tour guiding based training focusing on community level. This purpose has been evident since the establishment of the Centre in 1995 since it has been committed in providing high quality training.

We continuously focus on:                                 

  1. Social Responsibility – We encourage people to take responsibility for their own community and work together to improve it.
  2. Accountability –We take responsibility for and be answerable for our actions.
  3. Professionalism and Dedication – We demonstrate knowledge, skills, self-dedicated team playing and good judgment in doing our job.
  4.  Pursuing Excellency – We continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and our partners through upholding the best standards of our work.
  5. Endurance – We persist in enduring the challenges and hurdles that come our way and rise above them.

We are always on a path of continuous improvement. CBCTC first adopted Total Quality Management (TQM) in 2014 through development of its strategic Plan which was reviewed in 2019. Since then, CBCTC has embarked on an ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement through the use of internal /self evaluation and consistently application of stakeholders review to streamline processes and to improve efficiencies.

I am continually impressed by the resourcefulness and commitment displayed by all staff members and the exceptional value they bring to the Centre. This allows us to deliver added product value and outstanding customer service to clients who can count on us to carry out our promises.  Our integrity attracts great team members, great customers, and even greater opportunities. It is a key to our long-term success. We regularly assess and review our clients’ needs, the programs we offer, and the effectiveness of the services we provide.

We care about our staff health and well-being by providing a safe working environment and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Above all, we are always fair and honest with our staff members and provide them with equal opportunities in contribution of constructive ideas for betterment of the Centre. We believe no one has a monopoly on good ideas, and, in order to grow professionally, we will work with anyone who has constructive proposals for improved performance. We honor our proud past and embark in building a bright future!

On behalf of CBCTC Staff, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about all we have to offer. I am sure you will recognize why we are proud on what we are doing.


Jane J. Nyau



Ms. Jane J. Nyau Principal